An Ultimate Guide To Align Your Product With Brand Identity

 Is a Brand Identity? Your brand identity is about more than the visual elements associated with your brand. A brand identity consists of what your company says, what your values are, and how you communicate those values. Amazon is an example of a company with a strong brand identity: customers instantly recognize the services when they encounter various elements of the amazon brand, from the name Amazon that means “Massive,”. They sell everything from A to Z. The “Smile” also goes from the A to the Z and represents the smile that Amazon puts on their customer’s faces thus staying super focused on positive customer experiences.   Why Is Brand Identity Important? Your brand identity is a collection of all of the elements your company has created to portray your brand to customers. Because a strong brand identity has a powerful impact on your marketing messages, your visual identity, and the way you interact with your customers, your brand identity plays an essential role in